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Our Free online Timer can count down or up, with alarms, loops, and in various colors,
sizes and fonts.  The best Timer around, in our opinion :-)   Features

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About Timer

Timer123 is free to use online to time from any start-time to any stop-time.  Count up or down, with or without an alarm, in loops or not, and in selectable display colors, sizes and fonts.

Key Timer Features

  • Start and Stop times from -99:59:59 to +99:59:59
  • Count up, down, and straight through zero
  • Easy time value entry 1h 10m 90s 1:15 or 3:30:45
  • Alarm sounds can be repeated up to 99 times
  • Save link to timer with your custom settings
  • Accuracy checked and adjusted every second
  • Auto Start option
  • Loop option to repeat time cycle
  • Selectable colors, fonts, sizes, bold and drop shadow
  • Change timer settings while timer is running
  • Set timer title to any text, or no title, or no tagline

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